Metal Or Cardboard, What is a Better Display Unit

Metal Or Cardboard, What is a Better Display Unit

Did you know 70% of buying decisions are made in store? Now with that in mind, imagine you are walking through a supermarket and sitting in the middle of the aisle is a display full of chocolates, as you walk by it catches your eye. You pick up the box of chocolates and place it in your cart, you don't need them but they look so good you have to try them. That is what we call impulse buying and that is the power of displays. Whether it is a Cardboard or Metal display they have the power to persuade you into buying an item you didn't actually need. Using eye catching graphics, companies have seen $500 or more in sales per month from using displays.

So now your company needs display fixtures, where do you begin? To help begin your journey, we have taken each display and compared the pros and cons of each. 

One of the biggest factors that cause companies to put off using displays is the price. This is the first thing companies ask, what is this going to cost my company and will my company see any benefits from using these displays? Cardboard displays are typically going to be cheaper then metal displays, just because the cost of manufacturing them is lower then a metal display. If your cardboard display gets lost or throw out by accident, they are going to be easier to replace because the cost per display is less. The upfront cost of a Metal Display unit is going to be a bit more expensive because it takes a bit longer to manufacture and the cost is higher. Remember you are getting more benefits then you would with a cardboard display. Metal displays last many years making them a better long term return on investment for your company. 

Take a look at the bar graph below, showing the average price range between the cheapest Metal and Cardboard Display you can buy on the market. Remember that this is just an estimate; depending on the size and whether or not you choose to use graphics the price could vary slightly!

About 90% of companies consider the price before investing in any sort of display fixture. But about the same percentage of companies see a 50% increase in sales after purchasing a display whether it is cardboard or metal. Displays will most likely look like a huge investment for your company but remember if you don't do anything your brand is at risk of becoming unknown. Get your brand out there and make Shoppers come back for more!

May 4th 2022 Carsey Symington

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