The Bread Table | A Display Rack Success Story

Posted by Carsey Symington on Dec 17th 2021

The Bread Table | A Display Rack Success Story

Below is another success story on how Wise Foods gained more display space by using the Bread Table Display.

Wise Foods had their salty snacks in a Grocery Store Chain, with 105 stores, but the only space Wise had to display their Snacks was a small section in the snack aisle. Does this sound familiar to you and your Sales team? 

Wise found it difficult to invest their money in the End Cap Display for this Chain, because every space was already taken, and because of the high fees required. They also, couldn't use a free-standing display because the Store Chain wouldn't approve the floor space, and there was always a lot of competition for these display slots from other snack and candy brands and other impulse products. What Wise needed was a unique display that would help both brands gain more impulse purchases.

Wise Foods was alert to the needs of the Grocery Store Chain, and knew they wanted to introduce a new line of Bread, but the grocery chain had no space to display it. With this in mind, Wise Foods suggested a bread table where each Store would use the top of the display for the new Bread line they were introducing and Wise would use the bottom shelves to display their salty snacks. The Grocery Chain loved the idea, approved the display in their Stores and gave Wise Foods exclusive rights to the bottom shelves of the display for their snacks. And because of this, Wise Foods has seen large increases in their snack sales. 

Below are a few pictures of the display in use!

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