Customer Testimonials

“We are thankful to have found your company. The three-tier Sofa Racks we purchased from you last month have allowed us to increase our display space and sales per square foot, by showing three sofas in the space of one… We’ll be converting much more of our display".

- Furniture Retailer

"The racks are very cool looking. They disappear into the background and don't have the heavy industrial look as warehouse racks have. Worth the money on a furniture store floor. These racks will allow us to use little floor space and be able to advertise huge selection at low price."

- Ashley Furniture Marketing Specialist

"To Whom It May Concern:

We have recently purchased 10 SST's from ARC-WAY, and have only one wish; that is that we purchased 15 SST's. They are easy to move around loaded and unloaded and are just what we need. We highly recommend these trolleys for anybody looking to increase their storage space, and for the ease of moving furniture."

-Furniture Retailer

"They are working great! Our customers really like seeing the products stacked. We are able to show the different colors something is available in. I've also given your company's name and number to other furniture stores."

- GM, Furnish 123

"The Arc-Way products are working great, the sofa racks are lightweight and that is very convenient, easy to handle - the best!"

-Logistics Coordinator

"The mattress rack is by far the best equipment we have acquired from you: with it's weight we are able to support more equipment which is a big help since we are renovating our warehouse, it is often used as a 2 by 4 face and multiple long pieces. Not it's intended purpose, but hey, we make it work! All in all I have to say I am pleased with our purchase, it's been a good experience!"

-Warehouse Manager

"They work great. Thanks for your help."

-Furniture Retailer

"Working good. Allows us the double up some space in our Bargain Room area of the store."

- Furniture Retailer

"Showing the sofas made-up in different fabric colors is much more effective than simply showing swatches of the available fabrics. Now that we know your racks are sturdy enough to be set up as free-standing displays in the showroom, we'll be converting much more of our upholstery display space."

-Furniture Retailer