Furniture Displays

Sofa Displays

Q: What is the difference between the 2 Tier Sofa Display and the 2 Tier Sofa Display-A?

A: The only difference between the two displays is, the 2 Tier Sofa Display will ship fully assembled and welded together, there is no assembly needed on your part. The 2 Tier Sofa Display-A is going to ship flat packed in a box and you will have to assemble it yourself when it arrives.


Q: What is the max ceiling height needed for your sofa displays in a retail location?

A: The max ceiling height needed for the 2 Tier sofa rack is 8.5 ft and the 3 tier sofa rack is 9.5 ft.


Q: Will your sofa displays accommodate the deeper sofas, like from 42-44" deep?

A: All our sofa displays will accommodate a 37 1/4" deep sofa. There is the option of adding middle tier extenders on to the middle tier of our 3 Tier sofa display. Even with these being added, the middle tier can only hold a 40" deep sofa at the max.


Q: I want to display a chair instead of a love seat on the top of one of your sofa displays, how do I go about this?

A: Purchase one of our chair bars! It makes the tier smaller so your chair can sit without falling off. Move the bar up or down on the tier, depending on how big your chair is, so you can effectively display your chair. Here is the link to purchase one: https://btdisplaygroup.com/chair-bar-option/


Q: What is the height of the base on your sofa displays? I want to make sure that it is low enough to place lower leg sofas on and still touch the floor.

A: Our 2 tier and 3 tier sofa displays have a 2" base.


Headboard Displays

Q: What is the difference between the 3 Tier Headboard Display and the 3 Tier Headboard Display-multi size?

A: With the 3 Tier Headboard display you can display three of the same sized headboards. For example, display three queen sized headboards, or 3 twin sized headboards or 3 king sized headboards. With the 3 Tier Multi-Sized Headboard display, you can display a twin, queen, and king headboard altogether on the same display.


Mattress Displays

Q: Can you adjust the spacing between each hoop on your mattress display?

A: The spacing between each section cannot be adjusted. If you want to add or take away bars from the mattress display, you will have to custom order one.


Q: If I was to purchase a number of the mattress displays, can they be joined end to end into a continuous system?

A: Yes, these can be joined end to end and the space in between the two displays can be used to display an extra mattress. Remember you cannot fasten them to together, they will just sit on top of each other.


Food Displays


Q: How many case hooks come in a carton?

A: There are 6 packaged per box.


Q: How many bin sticks will I receive if I purchase a full box?

A: You will receive 4 Bin Sticks. 


Free-Standing Wire Displays

Q: I want to display jars or cans on your wire displays but they won't sit there without falling over, is there somehow I can fix this? 

A: Yes, there is. We offer a plastic insert that will sit perfectly on top of any of the shelves so you can display your jars or cans without having to worry that they'll tip over and fall off the display.