Coborn’s/Crav’n Brand: 39% Sales Lift in Five Months

Food Display General

Coborn’s wanted to promote their Crav’n private snack brand in all of their locations.

Bordertown’s solution, custom end caps with custom branded signage. A design proven to perform in large grocery chains. Once the end caps had been implemented in store for five months, they took their results from 3/2022 – 8/2022 and compared them to 3/2023 – 8/2023.

The result? Coborn’s saw a 39% sales increase in five months. They saw an additional 58,218 products sold, a 6.76 increase in average units sold in store per week and an additional $227,388.60 in overall sales. Below are the numbers for each snack category.

Products Sold

Average Units Sold In Store Per Week

Overall Sales Increase

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