Wise Foods: Additional Display Space and Exclusive Rights To Their Brand

Food Display General

The problem? Wise Foods had their salty snacks in Giant Eagle with 105 stores but they only had a small section in the snack aisle. They needed additional display space to gain impulse purchases for their products BUT floor space wasn’t available.

Wise Foods knew the store chain wanted to introduce a new line of bread but they had no space to display it. Bordertown’s solution, custom bread table displays with a design proven to perform in large grocery stores. Each store would use the table top for their line of bread and Wise Foods would use the bottom shelving to display their snacks. Giant Eagle loved the idea, approved the display in all 105 stores, and gave Wise Foods exclusive rights to the bottom shelves.  The visual impact and shopper performance is indisputable: a 25% sales increase since their Bordertown bread tables were installed and it only took 3.9 inventory turns to pay for the bread table! Take a look at the ROI calculations below.

(4) 36″ shelves: 96 (8oz) bags of chips x $2.89 = $277.44

(4) 24″ end shelves: 48 (8oz) bags x $2.89 = $138.72

                                                             Total: $416.16

Gross Profit Margin %: 0.86 per bag or $124.85 per bread table

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